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Bite back with MUNCH

All $MUNCH transaction fees are redistributed between
our users and the causes they support.
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Be part of a sustainable and decentralized system that distributes wealth where it needs to be.

Fees are donated

5% of each transaction will be sent to a charity picked by the community, at the beginning of each month.

Fees are distributed

Earn passive income with 5% of each transaction being distributed by the holders.

Locked liquidity

Unicrypt is used to maintain value and protect the community.

Trustless donations

All transactions are automated and never held in a company wallet.

Community-chosen causes

The faith is in your hands, your support goes wherever it's needed most

Stable assets

Donations are converted to Ethereum (ETH) automatically

Decide where your money goes

For MUNCH to react to new crises and issues, we are able to change the token address published in our contract. The cause will be updated each month, decided on by a vote from the community in our Telegram channel. The first causes MUNCH will put to the community will be accredited and vetted charities working towards the following causes

Support hunger relief

Donate to charities supporting hunger relief around the world.

COVID-19 Response Fund

Support the people and organizations putting themselves at risk to fight the pandemic

Support children, women or at-risk populations

Donate to the charities helping at-risk groups gain safety, security, and a brighter future

Support international human rights

Help nonprofit organizations committed to providing long-term medical care to those who cannot afford it, such as Doctors of the World.

This month's charity is: GiveWell

Total donated


"GiveWell is an independent nonprofit focused on helping people do as much good as possible with their donations. We recommend a short list of top charities that we update annually. All of our research is free and available to the public. We are a nonprofit that is funded by donors who choose to support our mission. We don’t take any fees from donations directed to charities we recommend, nor do we receive any fees from charities for being featured on our site. We also believe that small donors matter. Small donors help charities develop broad, diverse bases of support, which provide stability for charities to plan and grow. And if we guide even a small portion of individual donors—who are responsible for the vast majority of giving in the United States—to the best giving opportunities we can find, we would signal to the international aid sector that effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and transparency are important to donors. Ultimately, these actions could help change the rules of the game: We picture a market that rewards charities for their ability to help people, not just for their marketing."

You can get a more detailed, referenced version of their story
GiveWell's website

Invest in crypto, earn rewards, and bite back against poverty and tragedy

Be part of $MUNCH

01. Download

Go to, install it in your browser and setup Ethereum Wallet. Transfer some funds.

02. Connect Wallet on Uniswap

Visit and click on "Connect to a Wallet" (top right) to buy on Uniswap with your newly created wallet. Note: If you get an alert message, just check the address number if that is correct and you are good to go.

03. Add $MUNCH

Add the $Munch token using this contract address

04. Swap $ETH to $MUNCH

Now, let's explore how to acquire $MUNCH by exchanging $ETH. To begin, determine the desired amount of $MUNCH you wish to obtain. However, keep in mind that it's crucial to leave some funds in your wallet for "GAS," which essentially serves as the transaction fuel.

To initiate the exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have $ETH available in your wallet.
  2. Visit a reliable cryptocurrency and currency exchange platform like Forex Canada ( that supports the trading pair of $ETH and $MUNCH.
  3. Input the desired amount of $ETH you wish to convert into $MUNCH.
  4. Take note of the possibility of encountering an error during the transaction, which could be due to slippage. In such cases, click on the gear icon and increase the slippage tolerance to a range of 10% to 15%.
  5. If adjusting the slippage tolerance doesn't resolve the issue, try using round numbers instead.
  6. Proceed with the transaction and confirm the conversion from $ETH to $MUNCH.

By following these steps, you can acquire $MUNCH by exchanging your $ETH. Remember to utilize a reputable exchange platform to ensure a secure and efficient trading experience.

05. Done

Give some time for the transaction to be confirmed and enjoy being a $MUNCH owner with all the benefits.

ETH donated

Total Supply (T)

Total tx


Let's Meet

Our Awesome Team



MUNCH was devised and developed by Rodrigo Silva. Rodrigo is the architect of the contract and has a deep pedigree in technology, owning his own technology company in London.


Software Developer

Co-founder | Rafael is an experienced developer with over 9 years of experience in designing and implementing cloud solutions in the gaming industry, financial sector, retail locations, and software trademarks. He developed MUNCH website and technical administrator of our communication platforms


Sales and Marketing manager

Co-founder | Jon is a branding and marketing expert with experience in helping new crypto projects develop their messaging, branding, launch, and run successful security token offerings. He is responsible for our official communications.


Software Developer

Co-founder | Roughan is a highly experienced developer with over 20 years of commercial experience, designing and implementing technology solutions through his own company in Dublin since 2013. He is responsible for Innovation and technical research


Motion designer

Co-founder | Pedro has over 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing, and has a passion for graphics and motion design. He is the responsible for our banging videos and sexy digital content


Company Director and Sales Manager

Co-founder | Pete is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with over 10 years of sales and account management experience from operating two businesses in the UK. He is responsible to establish all the connections and deal with partnership deals


Marketing and Communications manager

Co-founder | Matthew has over 10 years experience in Business Development and growth strategy at the C-Level in multiple start-ups and young businesses in both Barcelona and the UK. He is responsible for our official communications


Strategy Advisor

Co-founder | Mike is a startup advisor, investor, and product leader. He has led Business and Product Strategy at American Express, Barclays, and multiple hyper-growth fintech companies. He is responsible for our business and product strategy

Our progress

Road map

2022 Q2

  • Website V1
  • Contract audit
  • Whitepaper V2
  • Binance bridge
  • Execute Social media strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Community contests and giveaways
  • Joint PR with upcoming charity

2022 Q3

  • Implement governance and automated voting system
  • Website V2
  • Big organisational partnerships
  • Influencer collabs and cameo
  • Partnerships with major investment channels
  • Listing on a top 10 crypto exchange
  • Investor relations & partnerships with major investment channels

2022 Q4

  • Aditional exchange listings
  • Charity NFT partnerships
  • Launchpad - for social causes
  • Launchpad - for new crypto projects
  • Maximization of token use cases and holder rewards

2023 Q1

  • Launchpad - for individual causes
  • Accepting crypto payments/donations as a service - automated wallet setup and partner APIs

Frequently asked questions

We’re so grateful to all the members of our community who have supported us, encouraged us and pushed us to find a name that better reflects the work we do. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the name we’ve chosen and about the incredible work we know we’ll do as we continue learning for justice together.

Why are we trustless, automated, and democratized?

Munch is a digital currency that replaces the ‘bite’ taken by traditional financial systems and distributes it to community-chosen causes and in rewards to its users. By collecting a 10% transaction fee from all Munch transactions, rewards are distributed evenly between our community and an accredited charitable cause, decided by the community. On each transaction, the percentage distributed to charity is taken from the transaction and stored in the contract’s address, rather than a private wallet. Uniswap’s router’s functions convert the token to ETH and automatically send directly to the charity’s address.

Why are we community-owned and powered?

No donations are ever held in any account owned by Munch nor are they held in escrow in any private account. Transaction fractions are automatically collected, converted to ETH, before being sent directly to the recipient’s address, creating an entirely automated and trustless ecosystem. By automating the process and converting to ETH at the point of the transaction, it prevents an accumulation of tokens that would need to be converted or liquidated in a single transaction, ensuring stability and preventing price manipulation. Each month, a charity address (any address that can receive Ethereum) will be decided by the community and throughout the month, a percentage of all the transactions will be sent to that address.

What are the Tokenomics behind MUNCH?

All Munch transactions are subject to a 10% transaction fee that is distributed back to the community and charitable causes. Of this 10% collected, 5% will be redistributed to the community of MUNCH holders and 5% will be sent directly to a charitable cause, decided by the community. All donations and rewards are programmed to be inherently secure, automated, trustless, and immutable via the locked design of the contract. .

How are MUNCH transactions and donations trustless and secure?

To ensure trustless transactions, funds are not stored in any wallet owned by the company. MUNCH users never have to trust that that company will distribute fees from one wallet another. Distribution is automated and programmed at the point of transaction and these trustless transactions are all recorded in the immutable ledger of the Ethereum blockchain. The principle behind MUNCH is that it should require as little direction from a centralized team as possible. Through the input and direction from the community, MUNCH will continue to distribute its assets without oversight, but with a direct and transparent record of every transaction. .

Will donating accumulated transactions fee destabilize the token?

Small market cap coins are vulnerable to large single transactions de-stabilizing the value. Yet, often tokens collected for distribution are stored in a private wallet for conversion in a single transaction. The problem arises when these tokens are converted to another currency in a single transaction. It can sink the token value for the community and risk the future of the project. Until this value can be exchanged into the resources and services charities need, all reported donations are unrealized and theoretical. To ensure all MUNCH-supported causes receive the full value of the original transaction, the donation amount is automatically converted to Ether (ETH) at the transaction point and stored in the contract address, rather than a private wallet.

Is MUNCH’s liquidity locked?

Yes. To protect our investors, the liquidity held in the pool token’s movement is locked with a time-based function. This means it can’t be moved or redeemed until a predefined time has passed. This prevents presale token holders and founding developers from removing liquidity suddenly, and dropping the token value. In addition, MUNCH has a fixed market cap with no additional token minting. The code of the contract is public so everyone can see standards created and verify the process.

Proof of locked liquidity
How is the token currently distributed?

The address set to receive donations will be altered in the token contract on a monthly basis, decided on with a vote in our Telegram community. MUNCH users can select from a list of accredited charities to direct resources to, where they are most needed. All users will also be able to view a history of all causes represented and all donations sent from the MUNCH community.

Where can you find us?

You can find us on Telegram ( or Twitter (

Is MUNCH's contract audited?

Yes, you can find the audit report on